– The internet has revolutionized not only the medium of communication but also has impacted our productivity to a large extent. We use the internet in almost everything we do, such as while ordering a pizza, sharing any moment with our friends, sending pictures, buying various things, etc. The use of the internet has freed people from geographical barriers and has brought everyone together in communities based on topics. The internet has changed everything, whether education, business, government, healthcare, etc. But, using the various platforms of the internet is not always so safe. Your online information can be stolen and misused by some naughty people. So, you can download Norton antivirus via to protect your online data. 

How to enter Norton setup Product key?

The moment you purchase Norton via, you will there and then get the product key on your email id that is linked with your Norton account. However, if you have purchased Norton setup via the retail shop, then you will get the product key on the backside of the redeem card that you will get in the antivirus package that you receive. To enter i have norton product key you just have to firstly, install the Norton setup from the official website and once the file is installed, open Norton by double-click on its icon on the desktop. Now, click on the “Activate” option and enter the Norton Product Key from the email and then click on the “Norton products and Subscription”.

Benefits of Norton

  • It is a one-stop solution to protect all your devices.
  • Norton provides complete protection to your devices against malware, viruses and other online threats.
  • The antivirus protects your privacy irrespective of the device you are using.
  • You can move your antivirus protection from one device to another device.
  • It removes unsafe websites instantly, along with deleting suspicious downloads.
  • It also gives freedom to your kids to enjoy the internet freely.
  • The users can also keep an eye on the activities of their kids on several devices.

How to Download Norton Setup

Learn how you can download the Norton antivirus on your device using the steps given below:

  • Login in to your user account set up on
  • Navigate for on the address bar.
  • The new user of Norton will need to create a new account.
  • The new user will need to enter all information along with email id and setting a strong password.
  • Now, select the download option by clicking on Download on this Device or Download on another device.
  • After clicking on Agree, tap on Next to continue the process.
  • Click on the given option to Send the Download link on some other device.
  • After entering your registered email in the specified area, hit the Submit icon.
  • Move ahead to another device; click double on your email app.
  • Press on the Download option to complete the process.

How to Activate Norton Setup

Now, after getting the installation completed through , activation of the Norton setup becomes very much important. Before initiating to activate the Norton program, find out the Activation Key on the backside of the program card. You will find it in 25 digits, and also you can find it in your email if purchased from online mode.

Here are the instructions to activate the setup:

  • Tap on the search bar by entering Norton link.
  • Search the best Norton program.
  • Tap on Continue.
  • Go to your user account registered with Norton.
  • Tap on the selected program.
  • Enter Activation Key and Continue.
  • Read the further instructions carefully and click on Activate.